Stress in the real sense is not really bad. When it is in small doses, it could assist you to perform well under pressure, and inspire you to be at your best. However, when you are regularly operating in emergency mode, your body and mind would have to suffer for it. If you often discover that you are overwhelmed and exhausted, then you need to bring balance to your nervous system.

Stress is the response of the body to any form of threat or demand. When danger is sensed, the body enters into a “flight or fight” reaction which is also referred to as “stress response”.

You need to know how to balance your stress-filled life even though it is difficult, and that is why the following steps should be employed:

  • Exercise: When you increase your activity level, it aids you to deal with stress, and you feel better. Exercising on a regular basis can help in making your mood better, and preventing you from being distracted by worries. It also allows you to leave the cycle of negativity which fuels stress.

Beneficial physical activities which you can take part in are: Dancing, swimming, running and walking.

  • Relax: Stress cannot be totally eliminated from your life, however, you can control its effect on you. You need to learn various relaxation techniques which include Yoga, meditation and deep breathing, which are beneficial to activating the relaxation response of your body. When you practice these activities on a regular basis, they step-down your stress levels and the increase feelings of serenity and joy.


  • Healthy diet: The food we eat has the capacity to either improve or make our mood worse, and it can also affect our ability to effectively handle stress. You need to eat a diet which is balanced, and not foods containing sugar and refined carbohydrates.


  • Connect with people: You also need to come out of your shell by communicating with people around you. Doing this can help to enhance your nervous system. Hence, it is beneficial to spend more time with people who will improve your mood, and do not let your everyday destroy your social life.

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