Anxiety is a term which is used to make description of feelings of fear, uneasiness and worry. Conventionally, it integrates the physical and emotional sensations which we go through when we are either nervous or worried. Anxiety has a strong connection to the flight or fight response, and it is an unpleasant and normal reaction when there is a treat perceived by our body.

It is common for we to experience anxiety at one point or the other, and it is very usual to experience tension and uncertainty when it comes to a stressful situation which could be having to resume to a new job, starting an examination and the likes. Some people have higher levels of anxiety than others.

Anxiety has the capacity to cause you to imagine occurrences which are worse than they actually are. They also disallow you from participating in your day-to-day tasks and even leaving your home. Stress can come and leave, while anxiety affects an individual even though the cause is not clear.

Some people do not know that receiving counseling for anxiety also comes in handy. When you discuss with a counselor concerning what you are anxious about, it can aid you to understand the root cause of your anxiety and you would also learn various coping techniques.

There are a good number of techniques which a counselor can prescribe for you, and the commonly used one is CBT which is known as cognitive behavioural therapy.

With CBT, you can control your problems, as it enables you to identify your thoughts, and how it affects your behavior and feeling. CBT integrates two methods: Examination of your thoughts and your behavior.

With those two methods, you will be able to disintegrate big problems into minute and smaller tasks, and this is possible with the help of a counselor.

Having a counselor around during times of anxiety is one of the best gifts you can have. A counselor is a professional who is skilled at treating all mental health problems from an unbiased and motivational point of view.


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