The involvement of a counselor in aftercare treatment

Aftercare treatment is one of the most important features of a rehab. This treatment is important because of the possibilities of a relapse after addiction treatment has been completed.

Based on research, there is a tendency for people to relapse when they complete treatment and this is why aftercare is needed.


During aftercare treatment, the individual is expected to undergo various sessions which is typically handled by the counselor. Usually, the counselor in charge of the aftercare treatment phase is the same person who commenced the addiction treatment with the individual at the beginning.


A counselor is a trained professional who is well knowledgeable on the concept of addiction. The counselor understands that there is a possibility of a relapse and this is why provisions are made to keep the individual in check.


The counselor ensures that the recovering individual attends all the sessions in aftercare treatment because they are quintessential for recovery.

With a counselor, the individual is assured of maximum support and care. And if the family and friends are not in good terms with the individual, the counselor helps to mend the rifts.

The aftercare treatment schedule is usually based on the normal routine of the individual. In addition, it also depends on how severe the person’s addiction case was. It is the responsibility of the counselor to make sure that the recovering individual transitions properly.


With the counselor’s help, the individual would be able to adapt to the outside world properly. Knowing fully well that the aftercare phase is like a transition phase, and it determines how well the individual would fare when they are totally done with all forms of addiction treatment.


The aftercare treatment can go on for weeks, months or years depending on what the counselor advises. But the good part is, the individual would be well equipped to combat cravings and triggers that are associated with relapse. And with the help of the counselor, the whole process would go seamlessly.


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