Stress is a part of the daily life of every human especially those of the working population. Each person finds his way of dealing with it either through drinking, vacation, or recreational activities. Although these are good ways of relieving stress, one form of stress relief that many often look down on is exercise.

Research has shown that moderate aerobic activities like brisk walking or jogging, can play a huge role in helping people battle against never-ending stressors. The reason it is important to deal with stressors is the negative effect it tends to leave on individuals. Stress affects your sleep, weakens your immune system, and could cause serious mental or psychological damages.

Exercise can help you relieve stress because it releases endorphins in your body that work as a painkiller. Endorphins make you feel good and put you in a high, happy, and positive mood that relaxes your mind and fights against stress.

The release of endorphins reduces the release of adrenaline and other hormones that could cause anxiety and put you in a pensive mood.

The relationship between the mind and the body also makes exercise a good form of battling stress. The general purpose of exercise known to many is that it helps keep the body in good shape and maintain physical health. With this connection, when the body is healthy, the mind stays healthy.

Exercise works well as a form of meditation because it limits your concentration level to your body and the ongoing physical activity. It will take your attention off your mind and help you feel lighter and less stressed.

You must note that for exercise to be effective, it should be one that you enjoy doing. Doing so will help you maintain your positive attitude and prevent it from being an addition to stress.


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