Signs of a relapse

When the word ‘relapse’ is used, it is commonly associated with addiction to drugs and alcohol. If an individual recovers from drug or alcohol addiction and ends up going back to it then a relapse has occurred.

Before they return to their addiction, they must have shown some signs that a relapse was imminent. Knowing how to identify these signs would help put some measures in place that would prevent a relapse.

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Changes in physical appearance

When an individual has relapsed, you might be able to tell from their physical appearance. They might not pay good attention to grooming as they did in the past. This is because a relapse has occurred and they have started paying attention to their drug and alcohol use.

Taking small loans

Another way to know that a relapse is in play is when they borrow money regularly. One of the reasons might be that they want to finance their addiction but they are short on cash.

So, they might likely resort to taking little loans from people close to them without giving a specific reason on what they need the money for. In some cases, they might lie that they need the money for something else unrelated to their addiction.


Isolation is one of the major features of relapse because the individual might suddenly prefer to remain on their own instead of being around people.

Even though we might love to keep our personal space, it is still important to be in the company of positively-minded people who care about us.

When you notice that a certain individual craves their privacy to an unhealthy extent, they might be back to their addiction.

Missing therapy sessions and meetings

When someone who recovers from addiction begins to miss their scheduled therapy sessions and meetings, it is a good sign that they might have relapsed.

They might be trying to avoid coming in contact with the counselor or therapist because they would discover that they have gone back to their addiction.


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